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General Info
Founded by Francis Zu
Founded in 45AA
Industry Fashion
Headquarters Hierosalem
Key people
Zusace is one of the leading fashion labels in Hierosalem. The company is known for fashion that is durable, high-quality, and low-impact in terms of environmental footprint. Though their clothing is seen as "bland" and "uninspired" by the Corp and Incarnate social elite, it is extremely popular with the middle class of Hierosalem. All items created by Zusace are made from sustainable, organically grown materials.

Zusace began as the designer and supplier of the ceremonial and daily clothing worn by the Gnost Quorum's clergy and holy orders. The quiet and somber elegance of these garments quickly lead to interest by everyday citizens of Hierosalem, who sought to emulate the "vibe" of the clergy. Though the Gnost Quorum has not designated an official standard of "Zeroharm for clothing," Zusace's production techniques have led to its products becoming seen as the most ethical choices for a devout follower of the Gnost Quorum.

This change in focus from providing clothing for clergy to providing clothing for laypeople has not been well-received by the Gnost Quorum. They have expressed concerns that Zusace's diversification could lead to supply issues for their clergy, as well as psychologically blurring the lines between clergy and members of the general public.

Despite numerous statements from Zusace that they would always give the church priority over their "everyday" fashion lines, the conflict still seems to be simmering. A few high-ranking officials within the Gnost Quorum have tried to press the issue of Zusace's products for laypeople further, but have been stopped by Gnost Quorum leadership who fear an open conflict with the popular company.