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Vox Populi
"Hear the voice of the people"
General Info
Founded by unknown
Founded in unknown
  • Census
  • Software development
Headquarters Hierosalem
Key people unknown
Vox Populi is a census bureau that provides services and technology solutions for the measurement of public opinion. After the rise of the civil corporations resulted in frequent allegations of voting fraud, it became clear that a third party was required to streamline and secure the voting process. This is the origin of Vox Populi's slogan: "Hear the voice of the people!"

The company was founded as a joint venture between the Gnost Quorum and the New Shanghai Association. Even though most shares of Vox Populi are still held by the founding parties, these shares have been placed in a blind trust in order to safeguard the independence of the company. As such, the company operates in some ways like to a non-profit organization, as neither of the major shareholders can use the dividends in any way.

Apart from providing secure voting software intended for public and boardroom use, Vox Populi also offers other polling services. The bulk of their daily operations consist of producing and distributing marketing-oriented questionnaires based on the design of their voting machines. Payments from corporations contracting Vox Populi for unbiased marketing research make up the majority of the company's revenues.