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The Public Safety Charter of the Sovereign Act brought an end to physical borders altogether, resulting in a situation that is very much like the Schengen area in Europe on Old Earth during the 21st century. The borders have been replaced by mostly automated identity checks that are located throughout most urban areas. Land travel between the cities is, as a rule, relatively unchecked and unhindered. The air travel, however, is more or less the same irritating inefficient process of removing shoes, belts, headgear and walking through scanners with the odd pat down and racial profiling, especially of Incarnates in hybrid form. Corp dominated jurisdictions have software-based security for access control, their ports and public buildings tend to rely on Nanoblood or ENI based authorization. Incarnate dominated jurisdictions tend to rely on biometrics instead.

Despite the advances in technology in the past 60 years, the usage of "conventional" petrol based buses, trains, cars, and airplanes is still quite common. Their popularity can easily be attributed to their ready availability and low price. The degree by which such 'outdated' technology is still employed, varies greatly from city to city. Cities such as Hierosalem and San Miguel rely heavily on these, although Hierosalem has strict emission rules preventing certain vehicles from accessing the center in an attempt to reduce emission. New Shanghai favors a more hybrid approach, resulting in a lively market of post-market modification services and kits to drag the existing transportation into the post Awakening age.

Incarnate dominated cities, Bei'an in particular, greatly favor the usage of Purpose Built Organisms (PBO), such as genetically engineered horses, as a means of personal transport.