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Tobias Maschinekraft
General Info
Founded by Tobias Kranz
Founded in unknown
  • Technology services
  • Weapons manufacturing
Headquarters New Shanghai
Key people unknown
Parent company Avatar industries
Tobias Maschinekraft is a consulting and development agency specializing in robotics and industrial automation. It was founded by Tobias Kranz to serve as a brand name for his freelance contracting work.

Due to his strong and direct personality, Kranz quickly gained a reputation as the man to hire when a project was about to fail. In order to cope with rising demand, Kranz began to employ a small army of interns which he would handpick from Aohu's universities. By branding his method bringing a "fresh and young perspective to old projects," most of his clients accepted the near total lack of professional experience among his employees as part of his business model.

Though most clients hired the services of Maschinekraft as a final attempt to save a troubled project, some customers began to use the company for other purposes. Avatar industries was the first to hire Maschinekraft to develop new project ideas, do basic product design, and then pass those projects on to their own more senior engineers.

As Avatar grew increasingly dependent on the fresh ideas of Maschinekraft, Avatar's board members became concerned that competitors would use the company's contract engineers in the same way and potentially beat them to market with similar products based on Maschinekraft designs. Avatar Industries ultimately bought Maschinekraft to cement their monopoly on Tobias' fleet of young engineers.

Despite the acquisition, Maschinekraft still occasionally performs consulting work for other companies, often when there is a temporary lull in one of their Avatar Industries projects.

Tobias Kranz is also known for his somewhat perverse interest in all things that explode. After his company was acquired by Avatar Industries, he finally found a way to combine work and pleasure by focusing himself completely on the development of the grenade launcher that would become known as the Tobias Maschinekraft E5 Grenadier. The weapon saw heavy use in the Theresian independence war, where it gained a reputation for inflicting far greater collateral damage than any grenade launcher previously deployed.