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General Info
Founded by unknown
Founded in 30AA
Industry Energy
Headquarters Hierosalem
Key people unknown
Tiwave is an energy company that develops and maintains hydroelectric power plants and power storage units. It was founded as a direct response to the Theresian independence conflict, in which large sections of Theresia's infrastructure were destroyed by the Lumaki-Avatar coalition. The company's mission is to decrease the dependence of the country on fossil fuels and other finite resources.

Even though Tiwave's founders were quick to incorporate after the Theresian conflict, they were unable to secure the funds required to make their ambitious program a reality. The company remained in hibernation for a few years before being re-invigorated in 33AA when Tiwave was selected as one of the first companies to receive support from Amplified Redemptive.

To this day, the investment received by Tiwave is the largest investment ever dispensed by either Amplified or the Gnost Quorum. Despite the generous funds at their disposal, it took Tiwave more than two years to move the first group of projects out of design phase, due in part to a shortage of engineers.

Today the company is responsible for about 30% of the energy production of Hierosalem. Once its current projects are completed, Tiwave will be able to sustain 35% of the city without using reserves and their patented water battery systems will store enough electricity to power the entire city for a week.