Righteous Anger (psionic)

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"Jordians are reknown for their tolerance and stoicism, but when forced to action they can visit divine Fury upon their foes." 

A signature power practiced by the Jordian Chapter, Righteous Anger causes the Gifted to channel the rage of every injustice onto evildoers. When invoked, the user experiences a rush of heroic rage, feeling that he is meting out justice and it is truly scary to behold.

Path: Jordian

Duration: 6 plus 1 second per rank of Righteous Anger

Rank 5: User can channel this power into a single melee strike rather than across a duration. Instead of Righteous Anger's normal effect, the next melee attack performed by the user also adds the MQ score modifier (the amount contributed by the MQ score modifier is capped by the number of ranks that user has in Righteous Anger).

Mutation equivalent: RAGE