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Nanoblood is a technology provided by GENECIA upon her arrival on Aohu. Due to the high concentration of nano-bots in the blood, it has a silver appearance, somewhat resembling like mercury. Active Nano blood emits a soft light, which can be perceived through blood vessels that lie close to the skin. The color of light emitted is something that can be changed by the user. Upon the arrival of the AI, all inhabitants of Aohu were given a choice to accept the Booster needles provided by her, which would grant them full access to this technology.

Since this time, many attempts have been made to reverse engineer both the hardware and the controlling software of these nano-bots. Some successes have been reached while trying to augment the physical properties of the nano-bots by providing them with additional tools. The firmware provided by Genecia seems to be capable of adjusting to any such change and incorporate them into its procedures and API's. This adaptability is probably also why no company or hacker has ever been able to come even close to reverse engineering the low-level firmware that controls the nano-blood.

Despite the limited successes of adjusting the core of the blood, leaps and bounds of progress have been made on the higher level. Entire operating systems that interface with the nano firmware have been created, each of them allowing access to an ecosystem of minor upgrades in the form of apps. The most popular of such operating systems is Submerge OS which was created by LunaSys.

In the last twenty years (38AA-58AA) "enhanced" Nano blood was a craze and the combined market cap of the larger manufacturers saw a 1500% rally in 59AA before a major correction. These custom versions of Nano blood are mostly bloatware layered on top of the base universal Nano blood given by Genecia but are marketed as having special advantages. In truth, these are usually advantages that work within the family of products and services in each manufacturer's partner network. There are military-grade Nanoblood variants that are really a Blood-borne factor authorization which is used for soldiers that have access to mecha, fighter jets, and other sensitive machinery.