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Welcome to the wiki of the Megacorp RPG.

The Megacorp Universe

For players that are unfamiliar with the megacorp setting, we've created a special page in order to welcome them to the future. This provides a quick reference guide regarding the most important aspects of the setting.


In order to understand how things are, it's vital to know how they came to be. We've gathered a number of articles that explain a few of the most important historical events on Aohu.


What does the world look like(map)? How does one travel from one point to another?


Since the Corporatocracy was architected by GENECIA, corporations play an even greater role in the societities of Gaia. Not only do they influence the economy by their actions, they even form the very governements that once controlled them.


Player Character Races



Adept Bloodlines

Progressive Bloodlines