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Lunasys logo
General Info
Founded by Zebediah Hu
Founded in unknown
  • Arms manufacturing
  • Software development
  • Space flight
  • Government
Headquarters New Shanghai
Key people unknown
LunaSys Uniform.jpg
LunaSys is a company that produces weaponry and, more recently, software for civilian use. The company is best known in the public eye for their Nanoblood operating system called Submerge OS. LunaSys also designs, develops, and manufactures advanced weaponry including firearms, missiles, explosives, and armored tanks. Their railgun technology is standard-issue for most mercenary and security companies, and its employment is considered necessary to remain relevant in these industries.

LunaSys' software development arm gained a foothold in the civilian market after taking over a firm they once invested in, called InternaSoft. This startup had built the groundwork for a full-immersion program that could be run on brainware, which would provide users with real-time information about their surroundings and circumstances. Before being acquired by LunaSys, InternaSoft was struggling to find a market for the product which they originally advertised specifically to high-performance racing enthusiasts.

Initially, LunaSys intended the Submerge OS to be used in military-grade systems but quickly found that their more enterprising employees had started writing utilities and entertainment apps with little military benefit. After a few failed attempts to re-focus Submerge development specifically for use with the company's weaponry in military applications, the board realized that widening Submerge's appeal for civilian use with such apps might present an opportunity to diversify their portfolio. The OS' release to the general public was a smash success, making LunaSys one of the best-known household names in Aohu and opening the door for the creation and successful marketing of additional civilian products.

Although LunaSys is most known for its arms and software production, the company was originally founded with a far greater dream; To be the first company to build a permanent structure on the moon of Gaia. The weapons technology produced by LunaSys should actually be seen as a different application of their spaceflight technologies. Zebedia Hu quickly realized that despite his initial bold claims and vast investments into the required technology, that it would take years, if not decades for commercial space flight to become commercially self-sustaining, let alone profitable. So in order to bankroll these ambitions, he converted the new technologies into something that was already profitable; the creation of the tools of war.

But LunaSys never really stopped investing into spaceflight. Their most notable investment in space technology is the construction of the LunaSys Biodome, which is used to research off-world colonization technology. LunaSys is also one of the major players when it comes to launching satellites into orbit and they also hold the exclusive supply contract for Axis.