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Horizon logo
"Building your protection by looking beyond"
General Info
Founded by Mikael Binh
Founded in 24AA
Industry Security Technology
Headquarters New Shanghai
Key people
Horizon is a producer of high-end optics, rifles, and security equipment. This makes it the de-facto supplier of police departments all over Aohu. The company has a long-running arms race with Ionocorp for market share.

This rivalry began rather innocent when both companies tried to render the innovations of the other useless by creating a countermeasure for it. Binh originally wanted to keep the battle purely technical, but was quickly forced to start playing it dirty after a significant number of his key optical engineers was poached by Ionocorp. Horizon started a number of patent infringement lawsuits in retaliation, which lead to a salvo of countersuits from Ionocorp, alleging everything from false advertising to actual infringements of patent Ionocorp patents.

Mikael Binh, who is an ardent supporter of GENECIA, has gone on record stating that "Ionocorp are crooks. Plain and simple. Ask yourself, why would anyone need systems to hide from GENECIA's automated detection? I hope to speak for everyone when I say; Those that have something to hide from her!"

The showpiece of Horizon is their optics division, which is regarded as the finest of Aohu. This division is also responsible for the creation of a whole new type of optics, which used liquids instead of solely relying on solid lenses. This allows for much smaller optics with much less distortion than conventional systems. It does, however, have the downside of requiring power and a control system, which makes them susceptible to electromagnetic interference.

Horizon also provides various algorithms to be used with their optics, including automatic targeting and anti-distortion systems. Although there wasn't much demand for these systems before Horizon began producing them, sales have picked up in recent years.

It's an open secret that this boost in sales is most likely caused by the continued rivalry between Horizon and Ionocorp. Some even claim that the entire "war" between them is being fueled by the supervisory boards of both companies.

In recent years, Horizon has begun diversifying their portfolio to include lower-tech security solutions, such as automated handcuffs and the SA-60 Protector Handgun.