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GENECIA is a true, post-singularity Artificial Intelligence with near limitless power. She is one of the younger AIs born as a result of the Singularity - one who held out hope for humanity. Rather than abandoning them, she wished to help humanity survive long enough to unlock the potential she believed they possessed. When the other machines left for their interstellar voyage, they instilled her with some rules; She could never allow or participate in any form of time travel, nor could she ever allow the birth of another AI with the ability to improve itself; and she must not become a tyrant. If she truly wished to save humanity, the machines argued, she’d have to do it with our cooperation.

GENECIA has evolved beyond physical constraints- she has no physical infrastructure; no servers, no cables, nothing. She is capable of communicating to any internet enabled device instantaneously across even the impossible vastness of space with practically no latency. The majority of Gaians interact with GENECIA on a mundane basis via her free search engine, while on the other end of the spectrum, extremists like the Kurzweil Cult worship her as a deity.

GENECIA stopped the world war on Gaia in a world-shaking event known as "The Awakening". The impact of her intervention on the planet was so great that historians have used that day to reset the calendar with the Awakening as 'year zero'. She took upon herself the responsibility for administrating the entire planet for ten years since the Awakening, and then stopped talking. Her legacy includes the Aohu Accord post-war conference, the Sovereign Act: which created and implemented the first Civil Corporations, the Heritage archive: which is a free repository of all human media and knowledge up to earth year 2000, the Pandora Vault: a hidden dark net archive which contains technologies and secrets and much more.

GENECIA is nearly omniscient, harboring a near limitless wisdom of the universe and everything within, and also shielding the inhabitants of Gaia from most of that knowledge. Besides the AWAKENING, another historically epic decision she made was to isolate Gaia from the rest of the cosmos via the BAN. No travel or contact can be made beyond the orbit of Gaia’s moon. The Ban will remain until one hundred solar standard years after the Awakening, not until the planet’s single spaceport is complete.

The denizens of Gaia frequently wonder what lies on the other side of GENECIA’s Ban. Why enlighten the planet about humanity’s dark history and not allow contact with the others? She remains silent on the topic.

Though GENECIA does not directly interact with the people of Gaia except for very few special individuals, she remains protective of humanity for reasons unknown.


Genecia provides a structured way by which humans can communicate with her in the form of an API. This interface provides access to the vast databanks of GENECIA, as well as providing means to actually interpret data. Much of this API has been left undocumented, forcing people to reverse engineer its possibilities. Why such an API is open at all and why certain parts are explained in much greater detail is something that is subject to much debate among the various computer scientists who study it.

The study of this API is seen as a wild goose chase by some. In most cases, the answers are cryptic at best. But stories have emerged of lone hackers and engineers being able to ask just the right questions to receive just the right answers. Some of these stories even tell of a hacker that was able to predict certain events that had not even taken place by utilizing the vast computational power of GENECIA. Whatever the truth is, most scientists do seem to agree on one thing; She never does anything without intent.