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General Info
Founded by
Founded in unknown
Industry Food
Headquarters Bei’an
Key people
Deatrition is a producer of Zeroharm-certified animal products. It was founded by Miran Cruz and Sande Yi in Hierosalem. While Yi is a true believer in the Deapathic faith and has taken the Vow of Purity, Miran's motives for his role in founding the company were primarily financial.

Though the founders of Deatrition came from very different backgrounds, their professional cooperation initially created a prosperous company. The friction which ultimately led to Yi's ouster began when Cruz recruited Dr. Rishi Grangal as the new CTO of the company. Sande fought the addition of Incarnate-tainted science to his company tooth and nail, but was ultimately overruled by a small majority of the shareholders.

Yi came to accept that initial decision when he saw that the resulting reduced production costs would allow poorer people to maintain a healthy lifestyle consistent with Deapathic vows. But it had become clear to both Yi and Cruz that their different values would lead to fiercer disagreements in the future. Miran realized that the truce could not last forever and started to maneuver Yi, who was the Deatrition's CFO at the time, out of the company.

After a few minor engineered scandals, she hit home by forging a complaint to Gnostifact which she signed with stolen credentials from Yi. This was the final straw for even the most supportive shareholders, and Yi was ousted from his own company. The company promptly moved its headquarters to Bei’an, hoping to avoid reprisals from disgruntled Gnost allies of Yi.

This conflict has left deep marks on Deatrition's company culture. Where it once focused on providing a cheap and easy way to adhere to the Vow of Purity, it has since become ruthlessly profit-focused. Though both Miran and Rishi attempted to keep their conflict with Yi out of the news, the company's sales to faithful Deapaths have dropped dramatically since Yi's ouster.

In recent years, Deatrition has been kept afloat only by the shrewd re-marketing of the products as being highly affordable in addition to being Zeroharm, attracting non-Deapathic customers looking for a cheap alternative to regular meat.