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The Corp are just what it sounds like; a race of mercenaries of all stripes who work for their corporations' profit. While anything that people will pay for can be a form of profit - from food to fashion to guns - all the best Corp operators have at least a little bit of mercenary in them. The Corp of the 90th century make use of "Nanoblood" - a river of tiny machines that replace their blood cells, which enable every imaginable capability from super strength, enhanced healing and extrasensory perception. Upgrades may be purchased or provided by a Corp mercenary's employer to help them get the job done. Going Corp is the path of least resistance - the easiest way to a life of profit, security, and prestige. That's probably why the vast majority of 90th-century humans fly the Corp banner.


The Corp are the easiest race to roleplay, as they are essentially internet-connected humans. The issue with the corp is that they are the most ‘mainstream’ race in the game setting and have a degree of ‘corp privilege’ when it comes to representation in the media to something as mundane as hailing a non-drone taxi. Members of the corp are pretty diverse in their behavior, although they do share one tendency that most of them fall into; the so-called 'corp stare' when accessing cyberspace, their minds not focused on the present.

Some corp are conservative, not getting any further enhancements beyond Nanoblood, while others gleefully embrace cybernetics, mostly wearables. Few Corp willingly chop off a healthy limb for an endoborg prosthetic unless circumstances force them to. A lot of Corp are born skeptics, having access to peer-reviewed information and academic articles mostly all the time. Corp also are addicted to data, sometimes incapable of making decisions without a wealth of information from the internet.

Corp people tend to panic when their internet connectivity is slow or blocked and can get extremely paranoid when such a situation presents itself. The Corp, in particular, are very touchy about their valuation as it seems to be a measure of their self-worth, and even more so since they are constantly connected to the stock market with their prices fluctuating in real time.

When Corp fall in love, the prospect of a romantic partner investing in their equity or doing a share swap trumps the importance of the traditional marriage. To them, a marriage is a merely an expensive party, but the real deal is the financial bond that both partners share.

Most corp are fascinated by new technology and see it always as a means to either augment themselves or their lifestyle. They will frequently seek out the latest updates in software, even from off-market sources just to get an edge. Corp are very competitive in this respect and their office behavior orbits around the primary drive to one-up their peers. While some Corp have a default bioport at the back of their heads, some have additional ports for syncing to smart systems or weaponry in other parts of their body such as the wrists and shoulder.