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Brainware is a catch-all term that encompasses a wide variety of hardware and software that works with the neural linkage made by Nanoblood. Brainware can be installed in a person without Nanoblood, but with a high degree of failure and compatibility issues, as a much more primitive brain-computer interface made by humans is required. The cybernetic products lobby has been trying to downplay the side effects of Brainware on Incarnates and base-humans in their hunger to sell products to a larger market.

Brainware usually comprises of a few components such as a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI), Bioport, an Operating System (OS) and External Interfaces, such as the External Neck Interface (ENI).


A bioport is necessary for any external hardware to interface with the user.

External Neck Interface

An external device that is worn around the neck. These devices are used when the software running needs to be kept apart from the user.