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A Bioport is a cybernetic implant that enables the user to have a wired connection to a device. Even though a physical link is required before a bioport can interface with any piece of technology, they are the most popular cybernetic "upgrade" to have. The most important reason is that Civil Corporations are obligated to grant every citizen sponsorship for cybernetic surgery. As the bioport is the cheapest of cybernetic implants that, when installed, grants the user the status of "Cyborg", its the most cost-effective way for corporations to meet this obligation. The second advantage of a wired connection is that it's almost impossible to interfere with the communication, which greatly improves the security.

Bioports are most commonly installed near the base of the neck in order to shorten the distance to the brain and spinal nerves. Most military and mercenary personnel have additional bio-ports installed near appendages in order to interface with weapons and armor. The ports somewhat resemble the Universal Serial Bus ports popular on old earth circa 2018, although some Civil corporations intentionally create variants to force users to either use adaptors or buy proprietary hardware within their own ecosystem of products.