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A continent the size of Australia, and, during the great war, considered a "no-mans-land". Aohu is the stage in which the majority of adventures in the Megacorp RPG setting will take place. It has a rich history and a varied geography.

Since the Awakening, however, a new form of society has bloomed there. Dubbed a "Corporatocracy". Aohu is not administered by any traditional system of local or federal governments but by large corporate entities referred to as Civil corporations which are true "MegaCorps" in terms of scale and capitalization. These corporations vie for political and social influence in the geographical locations in which they became known, and, eventually spread out to contain as much area as is possible, even if it results in outbreaks of violence between corporate entities.

Both Incarnate and Corp races intermingle on Aohu across several jurisdictions. The holy city of the Gnost, Hierosalem is also situated on the continent.

All who inhabit Aohu are born incorporated, which means that they are not as citizens of the countries whose borders surround the location of their nativity, but as employees of the corporations which rule over their homelands; Corporate Citizens. This also means that they are, quite literally, born into the stock market, only owning forty percent of the shares in their own persons; their parents owning up to forty percent, with the governing Civil Corporation with jurisdiction owning the remainder. Depending on whether or not the parents invest shares prior to birth, Corporate Citizens must buy back shares in themselves or dilute their parent's shares in order to gain personal equity. Similarity, they can also buy stakes in other people to diversify their assets or advance their business interests.

Map of Aohu.jpeg