Vow of Purity

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This is traditionally the final greater vow taken at the rank of Exalt. The original version of the vow meant that no non-sanctified object or substance can touch the disciple or pass his lips. This was meant to take the essence of the lesser vows to a higher level. The Second Dictum made revisions to the vow that prevented the higher ranking disciples from remaining inside cathedrals, leaving field work for the lower ranks. in ancient times, this vow required that a compliant disciple had to be carried around in a sanctified carriage and converse through a blessed screen, which added to a mystique surrounding members of the clergy who were rarely seen by members of the public because of this vow. The contemporary, revised version of the vow now concerns itself less with what the disciple puts into his body, and more on the purity of his words and actions. This means the disciple cannot tell a lie or produce unnecessary waste. This is the only vow which includes a dietary restriction: a compliant disciple can only eat "Zeroharm” branded foods, a certification which has become so popular among health food enthusiasts that it has become quite trendy in the secular community as well.