Vow of Loyalty

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The easiest of the holy vows, this vow is normally the very first to be taken by members of the faith who wish to take on the cloth and become Gnost clerics. The Vow of Loyalty was originally meant for priests to swear themselves as loyal servants to noble families with a noble cause, as long as their cause did not contradict the tenets of the Gnost faith. Acolytes with such oaths sworn to external parties outside the clergy most often did not rise to higher clerical ranks, but remained valuable contacts which the Gnost Quorum might use as leverage within their network. Though this vow has not been altered through the introduction of the Dictums, modern Gnost who have taken this vow often tie themselves to corporations with whom they will be employed for the rest of their lives while maintaining statuses as members of the Gnost clergy. The common practice in this context is tithing or giving the Quorum a percentage of their own personal income, though sometimes this even includes a portion of personal equity if the cleric in question is engaged in any kind of entrepreneurship. This vow is said to be the "wedding band" between the cleric and the quorum.