Sympathy (psionic)

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An almost universal power taught to gifted acolytes, Sympathy allows the gifted to connect with the mind of another, allowing them to experience what the other is experiencing to a degree only limited to the expertise of the user. The Sympathy power allows for mentors to be connected to disciples even when oceans apart. Sympathy is also used in intelligence gathering. Being connected psionically to a subject is a double-edged sword: If the subject is being assaulted via one of the senses while being connected to the user, the user becomes subject to that effect too. E.g.: A subject who is on fire, will cause the user to be dealt damage too, as she also experiences the horrific agony of being burnt. Damage dealt this way is dealt to the users' MQ because the damage is translated to psychic feedback.

Path: Generic

Challenge: Using the Sympathy power on a willing subject entails a challenge roll versus the familiarity with the subject added to the distance. A close friend or a family member might be a difficulty of 5, whereas a total stranger might have a difficulty of 20. This difficulty is increased by the distance, adding 1 point to the challenge rating for each kilometer the target is separated from the user. Using the Sympathy power on an unwilling subject is a whole different matter, as the difficulty is compounded by the subject's MQ score and sympathy rank (if applicable). This is added to familiarity and distance.

Range: Limitless, if the Gifted has physically looked into the eyes of the target before or has touched the target before.

Rank 1: User can feel the physical sensations (sense of touch, sense of taste, sense of smell) of the target - such as warmth, cold, pain, dryness or wet.

Rank 5: User can experience perception sensations of the target. This includes the sense of sight, allowing the user to see what the target sees) and the sense of hearing.

Rank 10: User can experience everything the target experiences

Mutation equivalent: Nervelink

Technological equivalent: Simsense