New Amsterdam Business Institute

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New Amsterdam Business Institute
General Info
Founded by unknown
Founded in unknown
Industry Education
Headquarters New Amsterdam
Key people unknown

The New Amsterdam Business Institute is one of the most prestigious and expensive business schools in Aohu. The university is located on a sprawling estate near the outer borders of New Amsterdam. Thanks to a high-speed subway line that was specifically constructed for the university, students and employees can reach the New Amsterdam city center in just six minutes.

Standards for admission to NABI are extremely rigorous, with only a small percentage of applicants being admitted each year. In recent years, the university began using a "numerus fixus" lottery policy to determine who to admit. Prospective students with high grades, special recommendations, and impressive outer curricular activities are awarded multiple admission tickets for the admission lottery.

This process has led to an increase of alumni parents donating large sums of money to the university in hopes of improving their offspring's chances of being accepted.