Narcus Systems

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Narcus Systems
General Info
Founded by unknown
Founded in unknown
Industry unknown
Headquarters New Shanghai
Key people Albert August (CEO)

The company Narcus Systems is a producer of Adept Libido Suppressors - a lucrative market item for Incarnates Adepts in Corp or mixed-race workplaces. The Libido Suppressors neutralize the hormonal mating urges of newly assigned Incarnate Adepts, enabling them to avoid productivity decreases and embarrassing and hazardous sexual harassment issues that can result from going into "heat."

The product is known as "Geldem" - wordplay on 'Geld Them," the historical practice of "gelding" an animal by removing the testes to prevent their sex drives from producing behavioral issues. Geldem is an enzyme that cannot survive the process of digestion, and so must be injected in order to be effective.

Though Narcus was able to raise significant seed funding and gain substantial mindshare from a viral marketing campaign featuring a handsome Anubian "stud" who was impervious to all manner of sexual temptations, Narcus was set to be insolvent within 2 years due to low profitability. This resulted mainly from regulations requiring that the injections be administered by medical professionals for safety reasons, making delivery of and dose maintenance of Geldem inconvenient and expensive for many customers. This requirement also contributed to the idea of Geldem as a "medical procedure," rather than a casual-use product, which made some users uneasy about altering their sex drives in this way.

The turning point came when Narcus assembled a new product development team, hiring a large number of IOT experts. Narcus CEO Albert August, pulled all available funds from other business activities, retrenched nearly 500 staff members, and spared no expense in the final push to create a more marketable product.

The company's last-ditch marketing campaign was for a packaged solution that complied with IGOC parameters: the new Geldem was shipped pre-loaded in a reusable 'smart needle.' The needle had onboard software that was capable of retracting when use was attempted by someone other than the primary patient, and also of varying dosage according to what it detected in the patient's blood (or Nanoblood). The new device also featured a self-cleaning system which would allow the device to be reused by the same user.

The end product was highly appealing to Incarnates looking for a convenient way to control their own mating urges through a self-administered treatment.The campaign was also fortuitously timed, as it coincided with a tender by LunaSys for mass inoculations in the hysteria that followed the invasion of Theresia in 37AA by the L.A coalition.

Rumours on social media alleged that CEO August had predicted this opportunity, or even helped to engineer the fear of biological weapons being deployed by the Theresian guerillas in order to help promote his product. August became famous for his success, but was the target of inflammatory rhetoric accusing him of taking advantage of a humanitarian crisis. He sold Narcus to Lunasys Medical in 51AA for an undisclosed sum, which allowed Lunasys to implement its mass inoculation solution throughout its sprawling network of distributors and partners.

This technology was later rebranded into the Narcus POTION delivery system.