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General Info
Founded by Robbert Ming
Founded in unknown
  • Venture Capital
Headquarters New Shanghai
Key people
Parent company Maelstrom Group
Mindsong is a producer of brain interfaces for use in music production. It is the first company to receive funding from the Maelstrom Group. It used Maelstrom's investment capital to create the BRAVE, a mind interface specially designed for musicians. Despite it not being the most profitable or fastest growing company in the Maelstrom portfolio, the company is frequently used as a star example of Maelstrom's success by Maelstrom account managers looking to impress perspective clients with their company's investment expertise. This is probably due to the almost textbook growth of the company since its founding.

After completing his Ph.D., Robbert Ming decided to turn the results of his research into a commercially available product. With some seed money from a local encouragement program, Ming managed to construct his first prototype. This first prototype, despite being unwieldy in size and requiring constant supervision, was a small hit in the New Shanghai underground music scene.

This success drew the attention of Aurelian Marcos who saw in Robbert technical brilliance, but also complete lack of business sense. Marcos approached Robbert the same night to offer him the resources that he needed to complete his work, which he accepted.

The company has continued to grow, releasing multiple versions of the BRAVE. The product has long outgrown the underground music culture, but is still widely popular there. An entire scene of BRAVE modders have emerged, who cobble together "vintage" or "tuned" BRAVE machines together to create the specific style they are looking for.