Mindfire (psionic)

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Makes the target feel like they are on fire. The victims feel like the entire surface of their skin is being bathed in flame.

Path: Telepath

Damage: Mindfire deals damage to IQ rather than MQ.

Range: One target, at 10 meters + 1 meter per rank

Rank 5: User can increase or decrease the intensity of Mindfire - The user can adjust the amount of damage downward, deducting up to the number of ranks being used.

Rank 10: User can isolate Mindfire to a single part of the target's body which has utility: it can force a target to drop a weapon in pain, involuntary

Rank 15: User can target additional individuals by locking 5 points of MQ for each individual

Rank 30: User can affect every

Technological equivalent: Microwave pain inducer.