Mellow Gold

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Mellow Gold
"Golden fries bring golden smiles"
General Info
Founded by Mosiah Cagayan
Founded in 50AA
Industry Food & Beverage
Headquarters San Miguel
Key people Mosiah Cagayan (CEO)
Parent company Etenshi
Mellowgold Uniform.jpg

Mellow Gold is a fast food restaurant chain whose menu is built around affordable, deep-fried potato dishes. The original restaurant, which was little more than a kiosk, was located in Loyueh, New Shanghai. Within a few years of opening this first location, Mellow Gold owned 7 restaurants. At this point, the headquarters was moved from New Shanghai to San Miguel in order to be closer to the site of potato production.

In recent years Mellow Gold has expanded its operations into the agriculture sector, opting to grow its own potatoes instead of buying from Lumaki. Tensions between the two companies increased after Mellow Gold founder Mosiah Cagayan stated that this move was not only a cost-efficient but that "Food should be and remain pure and untouched by political corruption or social injustice." In retaliation, Lumaki has lowered the price of their own potatoes to provide competitors of Mellow Gold an advantage.

In truth, Mellow Gold's entry into the agricultural industry was a political move part of a long-running strategy of Mellow Gold's parent company, Etenshi, to erode the Lumaki's power.

Mellow Gold is also one of the main sponsors of the Futuratect Colosseum.