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Faced with the end of the world in the 2050s, humanity had little choice but to accept the gifts from the Godlike A.I GENECIA. Twenty-six Ark colony ships would bring humanity to inhabitable worlds. One such world is called Gaia. This is the place for which our story unfolds.

Although equipped with state of the art technology, the crew of Ark014 decided to play God and buried all information of their homeworld. Earth itself was forgotten, as with almost all technology they had brought with them. Humanity was rebooted on Gaia. Civilization was born anew.

Nearly 8000 years later, the humans of Gaia recreated some of mankind's greatest historical mistakes. A world war raged across the planet, killing millions in the process. It was then that GENECIA decided to break her long silence by revealing herself and the lost history of Earth to the Gaians. The war ended. This event is known as the Awakening. The global calendar was reset to year 0, using A.A. or "After Awakening"
The advent of the Awakening rapidly advanced society on Gaia. GENECIA gifted the people of Gaia with the Heritage archive - a treasure trove of data containing everything from the history of humanity - to cybernetics, nanotechnology, accurate DNA editing and the framework for privatized governments. GENECIA ruled the world for 10 years, in what was called "The Administration Era." When the clock struck midnight on the first day of the 11th year, GENECIA simply vanished, leaving the inhabitants of Gaia to take care of themselves once more.
The current year is 60A.A. The continent of Aohu is an exciting place, with a vast influx of young people looking for a place in this new exciting world. At the age of 21, all new adults must choose to be assigned into their race: become a cybernetic Corp, a genetically supercharged Incarnate, or to stay a simple human for religious or other reasons. In this world everything can be bought or sold - even fractional ownership of people is possible in the corporate citizenship system. Civil corporations run city-sized domains and play landlord to millions of smaller businesses down to one-man startups. Everything is moving at breakneck speed. 

Welcome to Megacorp. Welcome to the future


In order to understand how things are, it's vital to know how they came to be. We've gathered a number of articles that explain a few of the most important historical events on Aohu.


What does the world look like(map)? How does one travel from one point to another?


Since the Corporatocracy was architected by GENECIA, corporations play an even greater role in the societities of Gaia. Not only do they influence the economy by their actions, they even form the very governements that once controlled them.


Player Character Races



Adept Bloodlines

Progressive Bloodlines