Maelstrom Group

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Maelstrom Group
"Investing in the products of tomorrow"
General Info
Founded by Aurelian Marcos
Founded in unknown
  • Venture Capital
  • Hedge Fund
Headquarters New Shanghai
Key people
Maelstrom Uniform.jpg

The Maelstrom Group is one of the biggest corporations in the world. It is based in the heart of New Shanghai, with its central offices towering nearly seven hundred stories above the street. The company acts as both a venture capitalist group and a hedge fund. Like most hedge funds, Maelstrom requires investors to commit their capital for multi-year periods in order to allow for greater flexibility in their investments. The same long-term commitment is also required of Maelstrom's employees, especially its upper-level staff.

All employees at Maelstrom have crippling termination clauses in their contracts, making early termination or withdrawal from their positions potentially devastating. The company compensates its employees with royal salaries and extra benefits to entice highly desirable workers to join the company despite these clauses. As a result, most of the senior executives permanently reside in the apartments that the company provides for them in the upper parts of the Mael Tower.

Maelstrom maintains a diverse portfolio but favors tech companies somewhat over more traditional industries. This precedent was set by founder Aurelian Marcos, who amassed his first million credits by investing in the technology startup Mindsong. His employees, who have elevated stories of his shrewd business sense to legendary levels, have copied this preference in hopes of obtaining the same level of success.