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General Info
Founded by Miguel
Founded in unknown
  • Governement
  • Agriculture
Headquarters San Miguel
Key people Maria Panuan (CEO)
Lumaki Uniform.jpg
Lumaki is the Civil Corporation of San Miguel. Its name derives from "Lu'maki", a root vegetable that served as the primary food crop for the early farmers and settlers of San Miguel. The company is the commercial progression of the "Farmers' Alliance", a council-like organization originally formed by the farmers of San Miguel to protect their shared interests.

During the Awakening, this alliance incorporated and formed the Lumaki company as we know it today. Due to the intertwined history of the city San Miguel and the Farmers' Alliance/Lumaki, it's almost impossible for an outsider to see where the city ends and the company starts.

Some of the pre-corporate roots of Lumaki are still visible today. Lumaki is one of the few Civil corporations to hold elections for CEO of the company, who also holds the title of Mayor of San Miguel, every four years. The candidates for this election are pre-approved by the Lumaki board, but the final selection is up to the citizens.

This democratic mechanism does not suggest that the battle for mayorship is fair or peaceful - since the Lumaki's incorporation, mayoral elections have been plagued by corruption scandals, slanderous ad campaigns, and even the occasional instance of key campaign personnel simply disappearing.