LC Holdings

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LC Holdings
General Info
Founded by unknown
Founded in 00AA
Industry Governement
Headquarters Bei'an
Key people Liu Pei Chuan (Major shareholder)
LC Holdings is the Civil Corporation of Bei'an. The name is short for Liu Clan Holdings, reflecting its nature as the new manifestation of one of Bei'an's most powerful clan bloodlines. The company was formed upon the abolition of the imperial rule of the east, at which point the Liu Clan was forced to become incorporated in order to maintain its economic and legal power. This transition greatly decreased the prestige of the Liu and its members in Incarnate society but, it has not decreased their influence or power.

The company leadership is still extremely conservative, favoring employees of "noble" blood for positions of power. Although in theory it is possible for any Incarnate to rise in its ranks through excellent performance, those without the right birthright or connections encounter nearly insurmountable obstacles at every turn. This favoritism is even greater for unaffiliated Incarnates, making it almost unheard for them to hold posts of significant influence, no matter how capable they may be. For non-nobles who do obtain positions of power in LC Holdings, defending their position from assault and competition is a constant concern.

LC Holdings has the highest rate of accidental incapacitation of any company on Aohu, even though most of the work done is bureaucratic in nature.

The fierce infighting for prestigious positions results in a cycling of positions through the highest levels of prestige. The most prestigious positions change hands frequently, and eventually decrease in prestige due to ineffectiveness. The decrease in prestige makes the same positions more likely to be filled by merit-based rather than bloodline candidates and more likely to remain stable over time, which leads to a gradual increase in prestige. Those positions eventually become the targets of fierce infighting once again.

Most of the rumors regarding questionable competitive methods within LC Holdings agree on one thing; major shareholder Liu Pei Chuan at the very least condones this behavior, and may actively encourage it behind closed doors.