Kurzweil Cult

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The Kurzweil Cultists choose to worship the near-Omniscient AI GENECIA as a God, but that is not enough: their members amputate healthy body parts to maximise cybernetic prosthesis, some with the means convert into full body cyborg as their way of being closer to GENECIA, believing that one day, the Godlike AI will show them the secrets of truly digitizing consciousness. Their members are embedded into many levels of Corp society throughout Aohu. Recent reports depict the cult forcibly converting 'unenlightened' by giving them Nanoblood injections.

The individual known as Kara has appeared in many radicalization materials on the dark web and is rumoured to be hiding in the harsh outer suburbs of San Miguel.

The members of the cult go to almost extreme lengths to obtain "Pure" NanoBlood by paying obscene amounts of credits for unsealed booster needles that were provided by GENECIA in the Awakening.