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Ionocorp logo
"Decide to be seen"
General Info
Founded by Vera Choi
Founded in 23AA
Industry Security Technology
Headquarters New Shanghai
Key people Vera Choi (CEO)
Ionocorp Uniform.jpg
Ionocorp is a leading manufacturer of surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment. The company's name comes from its first product, the Ion-Cloak. This active camouflage system emits high-powered ionic particles which interfere with cameras and other conventional surveillance equipment. Ionocorp is one of the few companies on Aohu to take an active pro-privacy stance, claiming that privacy is a human right and that it provides the ability to protect this right to its customers.

Skeptics doubt the sincerity of Ionocorp's good intentions, pointing out that Ionocorp technology is frequently used by criminal organizations to avoid detection. Still, this technology remains available, and Ionocorp maintains that it is a basic right of citizens to move unseen if they so choose.

Ionocorp's infamous conflict with Horizon began when an overzealous Ionocorp recruiter poached a number of optical engineers from Horizon. This was seen by Horizon as a concerted attempt to steal Horizon technology and undermine Horizon's progress. The rival company retaliated by starting one of the most extensive patent lawsuits of the decade, forcing Ionocorp to begin countersuing.

When it became clear that the lawsuits would drag on for years, both parties became increasingly petty in their attempts to "win" the battle. In one of these instances, Ionocorp founder Vera Choi even signed off on a campaign advertising the fact that Ionocorp was founded a year before Horizon was, and was, therefore, the "original" name in surveillance and counter-surveillance.

This protracted battle has resulted in a true, full-blown arms race between the two companies. The attempts by each corporation to undermine the other have even gone as far releasing "red-herring" product lines to trick the other into pouring resources into expensive countermeasures.

Despite the bitterness at the root of this arms race, consumers have benefited from it. The conflict has propelled surveillance and counter-surveillance technology forward by leaps and bounds, as each company has fought tooth and nail for supremacy. The war has also resulted in both companies as diversifying their product lines, greatly increasing the range of products available.

Ionocorp now produces clothing that is designed to prevent detection by automatic computer vision algorithms; electronic lockpicks; sound-muffling equipment; anti-wiretap software; and various jamming devices. New products are released regularly, and the company's offerings are expected to continue to expand.