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General Info
Founded by Sixto Chun
Founded in unknown
Industry Software
Headquarters New Shanghai
Key people unknown
Parent company LunaSys
InternaSoft is a producer of operating systems for Nanoblood. The company was founded by Sixto Chung specifically to create a new type of Nanoblood OS designed for high-speed racing. Previous attempts by other companies at creating high-speed performance Nanoblood software were found lacking, either due to lack of modularity or because they simply did not provide the low latency response times required. Chung of InternaSoft believed this unmet demand constituted the perfect market niche to move into.

Their first version of the OS was able to achieve limited success in the drone racing circuit, but was unable to expand successfully into other types of racing. Even though their technology allowed for modular adaptation of the operating system, they grossly underestimated the number and extent of changes required to fully tailor their system to the high-performance demands of racing enthusiasts.

After a few years spent struggling on the brink of bankruptcy, InternaSoft came to the attention of Zebediah Hu of LunaSys. Hu overheard a group of drone racers discussing the InternaSoft platform and realized that InternaSoft could be a valuable acquisition for an ongoing LunaSys project.

LunaSys had already started work on a proof of concept for their own racing OS, but because of the complex demands of the task, their engineers estimated that it would take them years to complete a marketable product. Realizing that InternaSoft might provide LunaSys with a much-needed shortcut, Hu acquired the company at significantly more than its market value a few weeks later. The existing InternaSoft operating systems have subsequently been used to form the groundwork for Submerge OS.

As of this writing, Internasoft is a full subsidiary of LunaSys.