Incarnate Genetic Oversight Committee

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Incarnate Genetic Oversight Committee
General Info
Founded by unknown
Founded in unknown
  • Medical
  • City Planning
  • Genetic modification
Headquarters Bei’an
Key people unknown

The Incarnate Genetic Oversight Committee is a corporation which provides consulting on issues relevant to Incarnate health, such as lineage genetics and healthcare. It is regarded as the final authority on questions affecting Incarnate health and genetics. The IGOC originated as a temporary measure to assist with the transition of Incarnates into the corporate citizenship system, but became a permanent entity in response to continued demand.

The IGOC was conceived as an Incarnate affairs medical advisory board for the United Nations, before the Sovereign Act privatized the nations into civil corporations. The board was intended to exist only as long as was necessary to oversee the establishment of Incarnates in the corporate citizenship system. It focused in particular on lineage genetics, healthcare, and citizenship assignment protocols.

The IGOC was originally led by the eldest members of the most notable and influential Incarnate families. The tradition of selecting the eldest members to serve stemmed from the Incarnate tradition of respect for age and experience, which gave automatic influence and stature to older members of the IGOC. Each family wanted to contribute the family member who would be most highly respected by the Incarnate community at large, as some competition for influence within the IGOC did occur.

Despite the original intent of its founders, the IGOC continued to exist after the completion of the Sovereign Act. In the process of handling the changes brought on by the Act, the IGOC created extensive medical infrastructure. This pre-existing infrastructure prompted Incarnate civil corporations to continue requesting advice from the IGOC long after the transition period. In order to fulfill these requests, the dissolution of the IGOC was postponed several times before it was eventually declared a permanent entity.

Hiring the IGOC to consult on activities such as Incarnate-focused city planning is still considered a standard best practice by most of the Incarnate population. The natural evolution of the IGOC as a universal authority for ensuring Incarnate health and well-being has only strengthened its position as the final authority on these matters.

At the height of its power the IGOC acted as a transnational health ministry, overseeing the delivery and standards of healthcare for Incarnates in multiple regions.