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General Info
Founded by Hendrik Yiao
Founded in unknown
Industry Software Development
Headquarters New Shanghai
Key people
Parent company BeHappy
ImagineSpace is a software developer, best known for their sensory stimulus technology. This technology, which enables the user to see and feel things that are not real, is seen as the next leap for virtual reality.

ImagineSpace's technology has had a dramatic impact on society, as many users have grown so fond of their uniquely tailored fantasy worlds that they have opted to live in them full-time. Founder Hendrik Yiao even encourages this behavior in his own employees, believing that full immersion in the product was the only way to ensure the product's perfect user experience. Yiao even went so far to completely prohibit any decoration of office spaces in order to "persuade" his employees to remain in the virtual office environment.

The company merged with Companion Unlimited to form BeHappy, ending their competition and creating a new breed of company which provides both virtual environments and artificially intelligent virtual companions. The ImagineSpace brand is still used for many products, as the brand is widely recognized and familiar to many consumer groups.