IOTA Phages

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Grim, silent and deadly, the IOTA Phages are presumed act as guardians of the Spaceport Spire. Thousands of them can be seen slowly orbiting the glowing column that forms the space elevator and from far, makes the spire appear like a beehive. What is perplexing is that GENECIA ignores all queries as to what is or the purpose of the phages. The Phages are named due to their uncanny resemblance to macrophages or white blood cells when active. They are glowing, silvery amorphous blobs that exude threadlike pseudopods with teardrop shaped tips, destroying anything that comes within the terminal threshold of the Spaceport Spire. It is believed the phages are colonies of advanced nanites. However, since no one has been able to capture or even destroy an active one, it remains unknown what they are.

Years ago, the Iota Phages were feared but since they have remained dormant for the last 5 decades, buildings have been built around these strange dull grey orbs, that are strangely suspended in the air, anchored to nothing. Some architects have even gone as far as to integrate an IOTA Phage into the design of their buildings.

The size of IOTA phages can vary from a bowling ball to that of a car-sized sphere. The ones orbiting the Spire in IOTA are the largest, presumably having increased their mass by consuming many intruders.

When dormant they resemble grey dull spheres, inexplicably static, rock solid and impossible to move. Sometimes phages are found in the strangest of places, such as the bottom of lakes, perched in trees or even hanging static in the middle of the sky or uncovered in deep mining, buried under tons of Earth. Some gangsters have 'taken out the garbage' by throwing their carpet wrapped corpses into the circle of dust in the early years of the administration era, until it was discovered that the Phages will not only just eat whatever comes into the cordon, but also fly out and chase after whatever deposited it there.

IOTA Phages only appeared after the Awakening and when GENECIA declared IOTA as an off-limits place to all humans.