Hierosalem Travel Group

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Hierosalem Travel Group
General Info
Founded by Alexandra Young
Founded in 39AA
Industry Tourism
Headquarters Hierosalem
Key people

The Hierosalem Travel Group is a travel company that provides guided tours and planned trips in the city of Hierosalem. Originally the company only provided excursions to famous Gnost sites, as well as themed tours of the many museums in Hierosalem. The company expanded to provide complete vacations in 43AA, and this luxury vacation service quickly became the most profitable branch of the company.

In 51AA, Heirosalem Travel Group founder Alexandra Young went missing during a hike in the mountains of Feng. Multiple official investigations have been initiated into this disappearance, but the body was never recovered. It was only after a full year of Young's absence that the board agreed to install Johna Tangles, the previous CFO, as the new CEO.

After his appointment as CEO, Tangles drastically changed the core principle of the company, shifting focus from unique custom-tailored travel experiences within Hierosalem to more generic, mass-provided excursions along the most famous Gnost sites.

In recent years rumors have surfaced that the company is being used as a cover for a Gnost recruitment company. By using the Gnost sights and landmarks as a key, the company is rumored to introduce light indoctrination and brainwashing into tours in order to to turn customers into Gnost abiding citizens. The company denies these charges, and no legal action or investigation has been initiated. The fact that Johna Tangles is a devout Gnost follower has encouraged these rumors.