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Gnostifact logo
General Info
Founded by Brahmin Sawarma
Founded in unknown
  • Archiculture
  • Food
Headquarters Hierosalem
Key people unknown
Gnostifact is the creator of the Zeroharm certification, a food industry rating given to foods whose supply chains are "cruelty-free." Vegetarian, vegan, and dishes using cloned / lab-grown meat can receive the Zeroharm certification.

With the acquisition of Gnostifact by the Gnost Quorum, Zeroharm became the de-facto benchmark for allowable food under the strictures of the Vow of Purity. ZH foods are stamped with the seal of the original issuing organization, though many other certifying bodies have been endorsed since then.

The certification has become quite popular with secular groups as well, having gained traction with animal rights activists and health foodists across the globe. Some food production companies like Lumaki have entire departments working on the development of new Zeroharm-compatible foodstuffs, while several companies deal exclusively in Zeroharm branded products such as Quorobite or Deatrition.