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"If you want to understand the driving force behind the Deapathic religion, and what inspires the Gnost Quorum as an institution, look no further than the Saints. Even if one does not wish to learn too much about these 'holier than thou' personalities about whom Deapaths chant and regale, you only need to know two. The first and the last of the saints: Danael and Asa. One brought about the Deapathic religion on Gaia; the other united it with the Gnost movement of old Earth." - Crux Leong, Fallen Exalt.
Gnost Quorum
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General Info
Founded by Saint Asa
Founded in 38AA (Became a company)
Industry Governement
Headquarters Hierosalem
Key people
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Despite the deep historical roots of the Gnost Quorum, it is a relatively young corporation. The company was formed from the religious organization called The Quorum during the Second Dictum, a major gathering of followers and notables of the Deapath religion.

The foundation for these changes was laid during the massive social unrest triggered by the arrival of Genecia and the following Awakening. But even the Awakening was not enough to force the millennia-old organization to change. That required the words of a living Saint: the words of Asa.

The sacrifice of Saint Asa made it impossible for the leadership of The Quorum to deny or ignore her obvious divinity, and they little choice but to elevate her to the status of Living Saint. In the following press conference, she spoke the words that would shake the very fundamental understandings of the religion:

"The Deapath and Gnost are of one faith. One religion, with an unbroken line to Earth.". This statement was the final push required for The Quorum to form the Civil corporation we see today. In honor of the divine words spoken by their Living Saint, they chose to combine both the names of the religion into a single unified front.

Though the decision to become a civil corporation was reached quickly after Saint Asa's speech, the actual reformation took far longer. Most of the clergy were not prepared to handle changes at such speed.

The influence of the Deapathic religion can be seen in almost every part of the Gnost Quorum organization. Ranking members have, without exception, taken one or more vows. Taking more vows generally corresponds to a higher rank within the Gnost Quorum.

The Gnost Quorum also specializes themselves in the training and control of those with the "gift" of Magellan cells. An amendment to the Aohu Accord, following the independence of Theresia, stipulates that all Magellan hosts become the jurisdiction of the Gnost Quorum by providing the Quorum the option to purchase all unowned shares in the market at their last trading price. Even though the clergy is willing to almost completely empty its vast coffers to ensure that none of these hosts fall into the hands of other corporations, there have been a few instances where they have been outbid.

Officially the Gnost Quorum is run by the Prophets, but almost all of the day-to-day affairs are handled by the Exalts.

Although the Gnost Quorum will most likely never publicly admit it, it spends exorbitant amounts of money on the study and banishment of "The Demonic Scourge" or simply "The demon problem". The existence of certain creatures beyond this plane of existence is a long-held and closely guarded secret of the Quorum. When the institution became a corporation, the secret of the existence of demons fell to the Gnost Quorum to keep. But despite their best efforts, some evidence and rumors regarding demons have surfaced in the public sphere. Even the Quorum, which has spent a little over two thousand years trying to understand these beings, has little hard information about them. Research into "the demon problem" is ongoing.

Holy Orders

In order to mimic the structure of the original Quorum as closely as possible, the Gnost Quorum continued the time-honored traditions of the holy orders. Each of these orders follows the specific teachings of a single saint. The orders themselves are almost corporations onto themselves, each having an Order Director and a board to which they need to explain their strategy and actions.


The Danaelians are the holy order that follows the teachings of Saint Danael


The Melarites are the holy order that follows the teachings of Saint Melar


The Helenites are the holy order that follows the teachings of Saint Helena.


The Yornic are the holy order that follows the teachings of Saint Yorn


The Jordians are the holy order that follows the teachings of Saint Jord


The Asan are the holy order that follows the teachings of Saint Asa