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"Society should be on the cutting edge of organic beauty"
General Info
Founded by Tanya Phen
Founded in unknown
  • Bio engineering
  • Construction
Headquarters Bei'an
Key people
GinkCorp Uniform.jpg

GinkCorp is an Incarnate-run corporation that specializes in the in bio-engineering of ginkgo trees to provide green housing to those who seek a more simplistic, aesthetically-pleasing lifestyle. Purchasers of GinkCorp homes have described themselves as feeling “at one with nature" in their new homes.

GinkCorp was founded by Tanya Phen, an elite, Progressive member of Incarnate society. Phen sought a more pleasant-looking abode after living for years in what she called “A bio-engineered blob of indistinct organic matter.”

She went on to state that even though her people had mastered the art of improving the human form, there was still much to be achieved in making it more aesthetically pleasing. These ideas are still firmly incorporated in the mission statement of the company: “Society should be on the cutting edge of organic beauty”.


Tanya grew up in a well-to-do family of Progressives in Bei’an, where she “acquired a love for things that grow green and tall, and live for thousands of years.” She became particularly interested in the ginkgo tree, which can be pruned and influenced in such a way that it can grow into any shape its gardner hopes to achieve.

She first began experimenting with ginkgo trees when she was only fourteen years old, carving ornate embroideries into the bark which would, over time, be slightly altered by the natural growth of the tree. This initial experimentation grew into something more when she learned how to alter genetic code at the age of nineteen.

By the time she was twenty-nine Phen had engineered her first ginkgo tree home, which she gifted to a close friend as a wedding present. The unique house quickly became a tourist attraction, admired by critics as "the perfect combination of old and new."

Despite originally being a hobby project, Tanya found herself soon forced to hire a number of employees in order to keep up with increasing demand for her ginkgo tree homes. Phen insisted on a high level of quality for all of her products, making her a rigorous taskmaster for her new employees.

This uncompromising adherence to elegance and creativity was criticized by her financial advisors, who felt she was keeping production costs unnecessarily high. But her insistence ultimately cemented the reputation of GinkCorp as the leading name in houses with the highest standards of luxury and comfort.

Five years after Tanya hired on three additional Transitioners, her company had engineered over seven thousand trees. GinkCorp has effectively changed the Bei’an skyline, filling it with beautiful and individualized ginkgo trees. Some of her tree homes which rival the tallest skyscrapers in height.


The success of GinkCorp in Bei'an has, slowly but surely, spread to other cities such as New Shanghai. The trees developed by Ginkcorp can grow to any size or shape to fit the needs of the individual or family purchasing the tree.

Even though the company now produces thousands of trees per year, a customer can still walk into a Ginkcorp showroom and, together with a sales rep, design their own “smart tree-house” from the ground up. Most of these houses have root systems designed to provide running water and plumbing to the residence within the trunk of the tree, as well as branches that provide space for storage, or even additional living spaces or observation lookouts.

Apart from these houses, GinkCorp recently unveiled a fashion line inspired and bioengineered from the ginkgo tree. These haute couture garments are, like the houses provided by the company, always grown / tailored to suit the specific needs of the customer who ordered them.


Ginkcorp is located in Bei’an, inside the largest bioengineered ginkgo tree in existence. The tree stands at a monolithic eight hundred and twenty-six meters tall and boasts one hundred and twenty-three floors. The top branches of the office host a restaurant for VIP costumers and higher management, which sports one of the most spectacular views of Bei'an.