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Counselor       Please state your name for the record.  
Veridian        (Slight pause) Veridian 
Counselor       (Annoyed) Your entire name, please.
Veridian        Oh, it's Veridian Kansas. 

** Mechanical noises ** 

Counselor       Okay, your vocal signature is verified and your bloodwork checks out. I do have to ask you a few mandatory questions so we can get started. Is that okay?
Veridian        Ok madam 
Counselor       I'm just a civilian, so you can just call me doctor.
Veridian        Yes... Doctor. 
Counselor       Are you aware that this procedure is permanent and will affect your genetics and that of any subsequent offspring you might have?
Veridian        Yes doctor.
Counsellor      So, how do you feel about cats?

Almost tied with the Anubians as the most popular choice of Adept lineage during Incarnate assignment, the feline based Gallian bloodline has a colorful history. The Gallians were always small in number on Gaia throughout the planet's history and were nearly driven to extinction during the World War. In the events described in "Girl in the Tree", their only remaining village was raided. In order to preserve as much of the Gallian genome as possible, the IGOC convinced the surviving Gallians to donate their DNA sequences. A vast majority of the Gallians answered this call and thus allowing the bloodline to persevere on Aohu.


Just like other Adepts, Gallians looks like regular humans when unshifted. When in their Hybrid form, Gallians can selectively manifest portions of their feline anatomy such as eyes, retractable claws, pads on their palms, tail, ears, fangs and/or fur. The precision of the partial manifestation depends on the mastery of shifting that that Gallian has. The most 'mainstream' hybrid form is that of having a tail for balance, cat eyes, and ears.

Few Gallians, with the exception of 'tough guy' types, like to adopt a fully animal head and human body in hybrid mode, which is quite distinctive from the Anubians, where such half shift is more commonplace. The patterns of pigmentation and overall color of Gallian fur differs in each family. As most Adepts, Gallians can also go into a full cat form, but this is usually for long-term engagements such as security work or long distance surveying. Some Gallians have even mastered the ability to speak while in this form, but this takes significant effort to master. The main difficulty with this shift is that the Adept needs to shift completely, but leave the vocal cords intact. Once they manage to do that, it still takes years of practice to get used to the change in jaw and tongue alignment.

Gallian families can have attributes from tigers, lions, cheetahs, panthers or various other sub-families and cat species, with members showing the pigments and coloration of their ancestry in hybrid or full cat form. For instance, a Gallian with tiger ancestry would have tiger stripes in their fur and the tell-tale yellow eyes with circular pupils. Gallians who have smaller cats in their DNA make up have vertical narrow slit pupils instead.


Gallians came to Gaia amongst the original colonists from Genesis Ark 14, and it is theorized that most carriers of the genome were not aware of their genetics. The Incarnate movement on old earth had spies embedded in Ark construction and seeded the DNA amongst the candidates cleared for migration disguised as inoculations. How the original batch of Gallians who landed on Gaia discovered their true nature is long lost as was most of the history of the Forgotten Age.

On Gaia, Gallians call the dense jungles of Grushen their ancestral lands. In the Age of ignorance, many feral jungle dwelling Gallians were taken into cities by slavers for their superior agility, night vision and of course, their ability to survive in water-scarce environments like the great Theresian desert. Legends exist of yellow-eyed or clawed assassins and long distance envoys that hint to their heritage. Throughout the Age of Ignorance and the Ages of Heroes, Gallian diaspora intermarried with baseline humans, which diluted the genetics of their offspring to the point that shifting was no longer possible. These so-called 'thin-bloods' only possessed marginal Gallian abilities, leaving only the Grushen Gallians with the 'long lost' ancestral abilities. By the time of the Age of Strife, Gallians have passed into myth and legend, except for some restricted archives in Hierosalem. The scholars of Hierosalem kept the knowledge of Gallian forest tribes a secret in order to preserve their heritage and prevent their extinction. This secret came to light thousands of years later, during the Awakening when the information was declassified and shared with the Civil corporations.

The isolated Gallian communities successfully kept themselves hidden to avoid further exploitation of their people. These feral Gallians had a strong tribal-family bond with each other and were generally very xenophobic. Each tribe was called a 'Pride' and was matriarchal, with the strongest alpha-female leading the collection of families that it was composed of.

Anthropologists theorize that the early Gaian Gallians were hunted by the human populous especially for young men trying to prove their mettle against such strong 'beast men'. This was coupled with the destruction of their natural habitat due to urbanization of Grushen and Altan regions. Pre-awakening Gallians had to survive by hiding their true nature and blending into the human populous, some never revealing their abilities for a lifetime. However the highest concentration of Gallians was in Gallia, the single largest ancestral village hidden deep in the Grushen woods. This village ultimately became the final surviving one when the world war-wrecked havoc throughout the planet in 13 B.A. Gallia was nearly wiped out by deserters in 2 A.A with only handful of children remaining. The Hierarch of the Gallian bloodline was the oldest female in the pride, Dranae, who is also the foster mother of the Vorachai Hierarch Raamaa.

Post-awakening, Gallian genetics had an almost viral resurgence as the combination of the introduction of the internet and the ubiquitousness of cat adoption as domestic pets and humor caused them a tremendously popular Assignment choice for Incarnate Adept lineage. With the advent of the first mandatory assignment exercise, people were gleefully lining up in the administration era to be injected with Gallian lineage genes in order to quite literally become part cat, being both superhuman and embodying the 'cuteness' of felines.

Racial traits

The genetic matrix of this bloodline is augmented with DNA from the biological Felidae family. Upon inheriting Gallian DNA, a new Gallian will discover a few interesting changes in lifestyle due to the shift in genetics.


Gallian females go into heat three times a year. This mating drive, though not as intense as their Anubian cousins, has hilarious or odious outcomes when not controlled. Where the older generations of Gallians would opt for a chemical gelding to curb these urges, the majority of young Gallians are generally quite promiscuous. This 'sexual liberation' has resulted in most of them doing away with the institute of conventional marriage and instead opting for more casual romantic relationships. This has, of course, lead to friction between many conservative parents and their more care-free children.


A little-known fact about cat biology, which also applies to Gallians, is that their kidneys are much efficient than humans. They are efficient enough to even allow sea water to be consumed all the while remaining hydrated. Combined with needing significantly less water than regular humans to survive contributes to the belief that Gallians were designed by the Progressives to live on water-scarce worlds.


Gallians and Anubians both have taste receptors that are significantly more sensitive than those of un-augmented humans. This has spawned entire lines of mineral water targeted at these two lineages. This ability allows either of these lineages to detect impurities or contamination in water by taste.