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Futuratect logo
"Morituri te salutant"
General Info
Founded by Rand Ellesmere
Founded in 55AA
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
Headquarters San Miguel
Key people
Futuratect is an entertainment complex which hosts violent, combat-based sports of all kinds. The bloody and brutal nature of these shows is unprecedented and unparalleled in Aohu.

The company was founded in the year 55AA, with the opening of the Futuratect Coliseum in Montalban. Initially, funding was provided by Maelstrom Group, but the company was quickly able to stand on its own feet.

Most of Futuratect's revenues today come from the sales of subscriptions to watch the fights, and from Futuratect-backed gambling on the outcomes of matches. Various tiers of subscriptions offer different view modes to subscribers, with the top tier being the direct streaming of all sense data into the Bioware of the viewer.

In order to keep audiences interested, Futuratect continues to "innovate" on the concept of these fights, which sometimes end in real fatalities. Their most recent innovation was shocking - and therefore popular - to even the most hardcore fans of the blood sports.

Total Immersion Fights allow viewers to experience a fight through all of the combatant's senses; for an exorbitant fee, a top-level subscriber could actually control a fighter's body during the fight. Critics, led by the Gnost Quorum were quick to condemn the practice, viewing this puppetry of the body in life-or-death situations as a step beyond Futuratech's previous activities in terms of moral abhorrence.

This controversy actually increased the popularity of the Total Immersion fights. Still, the Total Immersion Fight has not been the unmitigated source of profit Futuratect had hoped; while some viewers pay huge sums for the chance to pilot a fighter's body, viewership at lower subscription tiers has dropped as viewers find the performances of Total Immersion subscribers less compelling than those of trained athletes who are really in mortal danger.

Many Futuratect fighters who come through their tenures intact go on to “retire” to work as operatives for Mere-Sec.