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"Making your memories truly shine."
General Info
Founded by Node
Founded in 55AA
Industry Software Development
Headquarters San Miguel
Key people unknown
Parent company Node
Eyedetic is a controversial new startup that stores passive brainware recordings to the cloud, allowing instant recall of any sensory function. This effectively allows users to backup and re-experience any memory. This technology has led to the full digitization of memories by Nanoblood users. Updates across its 5-year history include allowing users to edit, delete and remix their memories.

These changes have posed problems for law enforcement, as the ability of users to edit memories has made the collection of evidence and testimony difficult. As a result, the update for the memory editing function has been blocked by several Civil Corporations such as the NSA, LC Holdings and the Gnost Quorum. Limited-functionality versions of the app are still available in these cities.

For some reason, Lumaki has not made any attempts to limit or ban the use of these memory altering functionalities. As a result, the app is still used widely by the residents of San Miguel.

Eyedetic is now working on yet another controversial update; one that uses data amassed from processing all the stored memories of all users, allowing users to instantly "download" and learn any physical skill such as cooking, martial arts, or sports. Rumors allege that the release has been stalled due to catastrophic bugs, such as identity crises seen in beta testers as a result of subconsciously absorbing fragments of memories belonging to the people from whom their downloaded skills had been gleaned.