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Defendertech logo
"We believe in keeping you safe"
General Info
Founded by Chiasa Marcos
Founded in unknown
  • Software development
  • Security
Headquarters New Shanghai
Key people unknown
Defendertech Uniform.jpg

Defendertech is the leading developer of automated consumer-grade security and defensive software. The company was founded by Chiasa Marcos, who, due to difficulties placing trust in people, felt that the security market relied far too much on humans for protection.

Their main product, Blockade, is an advanced suite of software for Nanoblood that directly taps into the user's sensory feeds. By constantly monitoring these feeds, it can provide constant assessments of the safety of a situation and provide suggested solutions to any perceived threats.

Recent updates have even made it possible for the software to temporarily override its user's motor controls in order to take defensive action, such as dodging or even blocking incoming strikes.

Though the software was originally intended for civilian self-defense use, it has found unexpected uses in other industries. The software is a popular choice for construction workers, for example, who have used its threat assessment and reflex enhancement capabilities to dramatically decrease the frequency of work-related accidents.