Creedence & Weber

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Creedence & Weber
General Info
Founded by
Founded in unknown
Industry Robotics
Headquarters New Shanghai
Key people unknown
Parent company Avatar industries
Creedence & Weber is a company specialized in the design and production of servo motors for usage in robotics. The company was founded by Elisa Creedence and Frank Weber and originally produced coils that were intended for use in motors. They quickly realized that the margins on end products were much higher than those on component parts, and slowly started expanding their business to produce complete servo motors.

After taking a leap of faith, together with a sizable loan from Bronzeman & Zachariah, they launched their first "complete" product. The unique C & W heavy-duty servo quickly became popular with industrial automation companies.

At first, Creedence & Weber were the only company producing this kind of motor. This ensured the security of their market share - but also posed potential risks for their supply chain. To ensure that there would be no interruption of supply to their customers, they licensed their design to several smaller production companies.

Creedence & Weber was acquired by Avatar industries in an attempt to decrease the production cost of Avatar's AVA line of robotics. Despite the new management, C&W still uses the same protocol for the launch of new products. For the first year after release, the new product's design is available only to C&W facilities; after a year of exclusive production, they license the design to others to ensure continued supply.

After being acquired Avatar Industries also used the, at the time relatively unknown name of the company, to launch a new type of heavy handgun. The Creedence & Weber Mk 6 Longhorn does, in fact, uses motors from Credence and Weber to stabilize the heavy gun and compensate its tremendous recoil, but has no other ties to the company apart from using its name.