Companion Unlimited

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Companion Unlimited
"Life is better shared with a friend"
General Info
Founded by Mikka Mia
Founded in unknown
Industry unknown
Headquarters New Shanghai
Key people unknown
Parent company BeHappy
Companion Unlimited was a software company that produced virtual companions which could mimic real human and intelligent behavior. It was founded by psychologist Mikka Mia, who wanted to create a practical application for her research into human-computer interaction. For most of its history the company was in constant conflict with its chief competitor, ImagineSpace, until the two merged to combine their strengths and form BeHappy.

The software developed by Companion Unlimited distinguished itself from its competitors by its near-perfect mimicry of human behavior and responses. As Companion Unlimited never quite reached the graphical quality of ImagineSpace, most of their companions had an almost comic-like animated appearance despite their eerily lifelike behavior.