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"Beautiful and Elegant Protection"
General Info
Founded by Hu Meiling
Founded in unknown
Industry Weapons manufacturing
Headquarters New Shanghai
Key people unknown
Parent company Horizon
Clemency is a firearm company, best known for being the producer of the SA-60 Protector Handgun.

The company was founded by Hu Meiling, a Corp socialite who felt that it was always best to always carry some form of defensive weapon. Ling also had a preference for style and flair in all of her accessories, guns included. Feeling that she'd stumbled upon the perfect niche market, she managed to coax sufficient seed money from high society Corp members to create the first few prototypes of "designer weapons," created for good looks as much as firepower.

The initial weapons from Clemency were more fashion accessories than weapons, as Hu's financiers insisted upon guns that were small enough to be carried in nightwear and fashionable enough to be seen as relatively non-threatening. Despite enjoying a short burst of popularity among New Shanghai's upper class, these weapons quickly became known as "party guns" that lacked any form of stopping power. It was only after the initial financiers' interest in "weaponized fashion" diminished that Clemency was able to create weapon it's known for today.

Meiling realized that, ultimately, the primary purpose of a weapon was to do damage. No longer fearing pressure to conform to size and cosmetic restrictions, she followed the advice of her development department and authorized a larger, more powerful and slightly less fashionable weapon to be created. The SA-10 Protector Handgun was still attractive, but there was no mistaking its purpose. The new gun packed a punch.

This handgun has become the most popular civilian handgun on Aohu due to its pleasing aesthetics and simplicity of use and maintenance.