Centre for Security

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Centre for Security
General Info
Founded by unknown
Founded in unknown
  • Security
  • Education
Headquarters Bei'an
Key people unknown

The Centre for Security or CFS is a company that specializes in providing training for corporate police officers, security personnel, and “non-combatant” personnel. The company originated as a department within the law enforcement agency BeiSec, but was split from its parent organization in order to focus on the training non-combatant personnel.

The degrees and certifications provided by the CFS are held in high regard all over Aohu due to the company's stringent graduation standards. Almost all law enforcement agencies accept these certifications, making them a lucrative investment for anyone hoping to join the law enforcement profession.

The popularity of the CFS among trainees is partially due to their highly accessible payment plans, which require no up-front credit payment. Instead, trainees may pay with their shares. In addition to allowing people at all income levels to access CFS training, this strategy has a more insidious effect; it provides the Center for Security with an unparalleled access to information about personnel in almost every law enforcement agency in Aohu.

Though most companies prevent security officers from having more than a certain percentage of “Foreign” shareholders, the strategy of CFS relies mostly on the metadata that their equity allows them access to. By constantly monitoring the general location and well-being of their graduates, CFS can monitor for some classes of events that influence stock prices in real-time. This allows CFS to dump or short stocks before new developments become public knowledge.