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CentraMart logo
"Bringing our market to your home"
General Info
Founded by Joseph Fink
Founded in 3AA
Industry unknown
Headquarters New Shanghai
Key people Thorsten Xi (CEO)
CentraMart is an online retailer with big-box store locations in all major cities. Founded by Joseph Fink and operated primarily by members of Corp society, CentraMart's business model is based on a relentless optimization of logistics.

Fink was among the first to realize that the Awakening not only enabled new technologies but also demanded that all existing systems or paradigms should be re-evaluated. Instead of focusing on providing new and unique products like most post-Awakening business startups, Fink decided to build his business around taking instant gratification to the furthest extent permitted by the new technologies.

The company was quickly able to carve out a significant share of the online retail market in New Shanghai by providing unprecedented delivery speed with a drone-based delivery service. This success was quickly noticed by his competitors, who never quite managed to rival CentraMart's speed.

This was partially due to the first movers' advantage that Fink had managed to obtain, but also due to his continued obsession with optimization. This "quirk" of his resulted in CentraMart being the first company to exclusively employ Corp employees, as their augmentations would enable them to process orders faster than un-augmented human workers.

After the death of Fink in 48AA, Thomann Xi became the new CEO of CentraMart. Together with his brother, Thorsten Xi, he continued the path of optimization that Fink had laid out for the company. Their most important change to the logistics of the company was to begin to utilize "floating warehouses," which now dominate the skyline of New Shanghai. These blimp-like warehouses serve as transshipment stations for low weight but high-value goods.

After the suicide of Thomann Xi in 51AA, Thorsten succeeded him as CEO.