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Bronzeman & Zachariah
"Money you can depend on"
General Info
Founded by
Founded in 278BA
  • Venture capital
  • Banking
  • Software development
  • Intelectual property
Headquarters San Miguel
Key people
Bronzeman & Zachariah or B&Z is an investment banking platform, which deals in bonds, stocks, and stakes in a wide variety of companies. The bank was founded hundreds of years ago by the Sonoma Business Insitute alumni Iago Bronzeman and Xavier Zachariah. Its current form was masterminded by Israel Bronzeman in the first year after the Awakening. Bronzeman utilized GENECIA's vast databanks containing records of the complete economic history of humanity to design the bank's current practices and algorithms.

Israel later entered his company into a trade agreement with Maelstrom Group, detailing that Bronzeman Zachariah allowed Aurelian Marcos to invest money known to have been laundered in exchange for exclusive investing privileges for clients of Bronzeman Zachariah into Maelstrom stock. This deal gave Israel the capital he needed to buy up stocks in other major banking companies, and by the year 44AA Bronzeman & Zachariah was sitting near the top of the Aohu economic food chain.

In recent years, Bronzeman & Zachariah has also entered the consumer market directly by creating an augmented reality app called "Spending Seen." This app that allows a user to see, in real time, the money they spend on daily activities such as transport, food, and amenities.

In some higher-end editions of the app, users can also see the monetary value of objects they come into direct contact with, as well as the cost of services or transactions carried out in front of them by others. This software has been heralded as a “game changer" by the major online financial publication "The New Amsterdam Credit Report".

In an attempt to diversify their assets, B&Z also has recently begun investing in intellectual properties. They have acquired an impressive number of patents and various trademarks, including the trademark on Magnumite