Brimstone War Mechanics

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Brimstone War Mechanics
General Info
Founded by unknown
Founded in unknown
Industry Weapons
Headquarters New Shanghai
Key people unknown
Parent company LunaSys
Brimstone War Mechanics is a designer firearm company, and a partial subsidiary of LunaSys. The company started off as a small workshop of cooperating gunsmiths, who co-rented a workplace in order to decrease costs and make it easier to apply for licenses. Over time, this cooperation enabled the founding smiths to hire an administrator to offload the paperwork burden, which allowed them to focus on their passion; The fabrication of deadly and beautiful pistols and rifles.

The company appeared on the radar of LunaSys when the company was looking to expand its weapon prototyping facilities. After a few unsuccessful attempts to outright buy the company, Hu hired a mediator to figure out why these brilliant weaponsmiths would refuse the large sums of money that LunaSys had offered.

The mediator was initially met with open hostility, which almost resulted in a gunfight. Only through the direct interference of Zebediah Hu, who feared to lose the much-needed skill of the Brimstone smiths, was the situation resolved.

The final agreement in which Brimstone War Mechanics was purchased stipulated that LunaSys would provide the senior smiths a fixed number of apprentices to assist with the fabrication of assignments of their own choosing. In exchange, they would train the apprentices and spend a fixed amount of their own time assisting with the manufacturing of prototypes.

The weapons crafted by BrimStone War Mechanics are held in high regard by gun enthusiasts. Each weapon produced by them is unique and is held to the highest quality standards. Procuring one of these desired weapons is a lengthy and extremely expensive process. Multiple meetings with one of the master smiths are mandatory, in order to ascertain what the weapon needs to do, who it's for and how it needs to look.