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Botanix logo
"Better Plants. Better Food. Better Living"
General Info
Founded by Raamaa
Founded in unknown
  • Bio engineering
  • archiculture
Headquarters Bei'an
Key people
Parent company Maelstrom Group
Botanix is a genetic modification firm which provided the first commercial gene alteration solutions for plants. The company was founded in the early days of Aohu's corporatocracy by Incarnate hierarch Raamaa.

Due to market pressure from GinkCorp, which offers more customized modifications and bio-wear, Botanix has in recent years been forced to take a defensive position and shift its interests from providing designer plants to everyday consumers to focusing on large-scale agriculture and landscape architecture. Despite this consolidation, Botanix has remained at the forefront of pioneering modifications that benefit farmers, landscape artists, and wealthy landowners who wanted to create a dreamscape of surrealism in their backyards.

Even though the original shift away from being a consumer-geared production company was considered a blow to the economic might of the company, this move also enabled Botanix to greatly increase its profits by shifting from a single-use sale model to a technology licensing-based business model.


The success of the licensing model inspired Raamaa to take her research one step further. At the suggestion of one of her customers, Botanix became the first Incarnate corporation to join hands in a collaborative research program with CORP scientists.

From this collaboration, an entirely new type of Nanoblood was formed. Instead of standard Nanoblood, which can only be used in conjunction with human hosts, the Incarnate and Corp scientists created "NanoSap" - a version of Nanoblood which was compatible with both humans and trees and other plants.

The practical effect of is that humans with Botanix brand NanoSap flowing in their veins can essentially recruit plant life to act as an extension of their own bodies. Such users can influence trees or vines to bend to their will; to become animated and move where the controller wishes; or to grow faster or differently than the plant otherwise would. This technology allowed Botanix to re-enter the consumer production market, this time creating a franchise of farms and orchards, each of them equipped with NanoSap.

The resulting engorged and more delicious versions of crops - each branded with the Botanix label - could easily be sold at a premium due to its unparalleled quality and uniqueness. The pressure that Botanix was able to put on the market resulted in a large number of smaller, mostly family-run farms, to be forced to join the Botanix franchise label or declare bankruptcy.

The shares of Botanix took a major hit after the terrorist organization "The Displaced" sabotaged a large portion of their produce. Maelstorm used this situation to buy out most of the smaller shareholders and forced a vote to remove Raamaa from her position as CEO.

Despite her assurances and those of the rest of the board that the situation was well in hand, the shareholders elevated her former right hand, Rahmin Shankhar, as the new CEO. The implications of this move for the future of Botanix remain unclear.